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Svn Manager Features
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Create Groups and Users
Create groups or users directly from Svn Manager web interface in seconds.

Manage Folder Permissions
You can set up folder permissions for your repository.

Automated Subversion Backups
This feature allows you to backup your subversion repositories and download it through the Svn Manager web interface.

Powerful Diff Engine
This feature allows you to get diffs between any revisions.

Host Your Subversion Instances in a Single Windows Service
This feature allows you to host your subversion instances in a single Windows service instead of dealing with complex command line arguments.

Start and Stop Subversion Instances Instantly
This feature allows you to start and stop subversion instances without the need to login to the server itself.

Receive Post-Commit Notification Emails
This feature allows you to receive detailed reports in emails on svn commits.

Each repository can be configured to automatically email all users of that repository or an email group each time a commit is made. Email notifications are immediate and help keep your team in sync. Each email notification includes the commit message, full change history, revision, author and repository size. This allows your users to quickly scan the changes and decide if they should update their working copy to the latest revision to avoid merge conflicts later.

Repository owners can turn email notifications on or off for each individual repository they own.

Manage Hook Scripts
You can add, change and delete your hook scripts through Svn Manager web interface. Svn Manager Admin is the only user who is able to manage hook scripts due to security reasons. Otherwise a user may type "Format c:" into a hook script.

Browse Files and Folders in any Revisions
Svn Manager is the most convenient way to browse a Subversion repository on Windows platform. Svn Manager can connect to any Subversion repository in Fsfs format on the hard drive.

Download Files in any Revisions
Svn Manager allows you to download any files in any revisions.

Search in any Revisions
You can search file and folder names in any revisions.

Manage Windows Firewall
Svn Manager allows you to directly manage Windows Firewall, without the need to login to the server itself. This allows you to specify port exceptions directly through the Svn Manager web interface.

Zero Learning Curve
You do not need to be a Subversion expert. Svn Manager has an easy to use interface. You can start using it in minutes.

Smooth Upgrade Process
A newer version can be smoothly installed over the existing one.

Multiple Database Type Support
Svn Manager supports the following database types.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Suitable for Hosting Companies Offering Subversion Hosting on Windows Platform

If you are a hosting company, then it is likely that you’ll want to add your customers into Svn Manager in order to allow them to manage their subversion repositories.

Svn Manager has 2 user model, Svn Manager admin and Repository admin.

Svn Manager admin has full access to entire application and able to manage all of the repositories. This user is used by server administrator who already has access to Windows server.

Repository admin has limited access to resources due to security restrictions. This user cannot browse the folders on the server, create new repositories, start and stop subversion instances, change TCP connection ports. It can just manage its own repository, i.e. creating new users, groups, managing folder permissions, setting up notification emails etc.

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